Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Acolyte Pics

Finally found a break in the storm to post these pics. I uploaded them this morning but my job is pretty much kicking my ass full time, so I didn't get a break until now. Anywho, here's pics of the Harbinger's Acolytes as they are now. They aren't attached to the main base yet of course since I need to fit all the pieces together.




A little under 8 hours to paint these 3. The camera washed out alot of the white shading unfortunately. I've sort of resigned myself to this medium-level photography for now. I'm not that great of a painter that I need badass pics anyway.

On the equipment front, I found a really kick-ass arm lamp with built in magnifying glass the other day. They had to order more unfortunately, but the magnifying glass seems like it will actually work well, unlike almost all other once I've seen before. Once it comes in and I get that bad boy home I'll post a pic of it.

And now, time for some rambling. I'm stuck at work for another half hour or so while they finish up a code release so I have some time to burn. I'm getting pretty exhausted with work. The manager transition is really rough when I'm still being used as a coding resource. Especially when I'm routinely double-booked as a coding resource AND have to do my manager duties as well. It's sort of like having 3 jobs. Today in the downstairs hallway I bumped into a couple people and they were confused to see me there. I explained that they cloned me and that when they go upstairs, they will probably run into my clone. There was much more joking after that around how to tell the clone apart from the original. The sad thing is, I could really use a copy of myself right now. I'm very hopeful that things will even out over the next few weeks as I get a handle on the situation. Well, enough whining. Time to get things wrapped up and head home.

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