Thursday, January 25, 2007

Delayed Catchup

I actually played Warmachine a few days ago. Must have been last Sunday I think. The days have been a bit of a blur for me lately since work has me really overloaded, but let's see what I can recall of the battle.

I played an eFeora list that included TFG's, Vengers, and a bonded Redeemer (amoung other things). My opponent was Cryx led by eSkarre and included 4 turkeys, fisties, raiders, biles, 2 bokurs, and some other stuff that I'm forgetting. Here are some of the highlights of the battle:
  • Having Blazing Aura on the TFG's, which made them pretty obnoxious to remove.
  • The Vengers didn't suck. In fact they were pretty boss, even just taking a minimum squad. I think that Blazing Aura would actually be pretty swanky on a full unit of Vengers.
  • eFeora's feat actually turned out to be pretty useful, but not until the 4th round when I was struggling to mop up the stragglers.
  • eFeora's Escort spell is super badass for granting the +2" movement. I was more interested in the +2 ARM for eFeora at first, but giving the Guardian a 9" charge is spanktacular.
  • The bonded Redeemer was totally worthwhile. I had low opinions of the redeemer before, but with a chior in the backfield to back it up, and automatically causing fire, it's nothing to thumb your nose at. Definately worth getting it instead of a squad of those inept, unboostable bottle rocket monkeys.
  • eSkarre's feat is pretty obnoxious, but I had an amusing time using nearby targets to the untargettable models and "cryx"ing the Cryx guy. My favorite part was using the Guardian's critical pitch (with a little luck) and pitching a bonejack into the untargettable Bokur and knocking him down.

Overall I like eFeora, but mostly because she plays alot more like Severius than like regular Feora. Her spell list is very flexible and with a solid arcnode up front (like the Guardian) and a Devout to provide her cover in the backfield, she is really slick. The TFG's were pretty cool, but I'm definately going to look at other options. I like the idea of dropping them, upping the Vengers to a full squad, and tossing in a unit of Daughters. Part of this is due to the fact that I'm super interested in painting the Daughters over anything else right now.

Ok... quick update on the Harbinger before I go back to working. I'm well behind where I wanted to be. I'm probably about halfway through doing blending on the main white robes. It's in that middle phase where I look at it and get depressed cause a) there's a long ways to go and b) it doesn't look good at all yet. Anywho, that's the situation. This weekend I fully intend to get the main body, the banner, and the shoulder armor done.

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