Sunday, January 28, 2007

Harbinger Status: Minor Disaster

So today I started assembling more of the Harbinger and managed to do something not so clever. I mounted all the Acolytes to the base, but one of them is too far forward and so the chain won't reach. I'm now left with a couple options: order more chains from the parts service and somehow attach two chains together, or create my own chains. For now I'm going to opt for option b and see how it turns out.

On the plus side I got nearly 3 more hours of painting in, which has the banner very close to completed now, and the side cloths basecoated. I'm probably looking at another 4 hours or so to finish up painting and then a couple more hours of assembly. If I were smart, I'd start prepping the second Bokur, but I'm very intent on staying focused on the Harbinger for now.

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