Sunday, January 07, 2007

Harbinger Progress (part 2)

I meant to keep more detailed steps of the harbinger progress, but 1) I got lazy, and 2) I'm lucky to get an entire uninterrupted hour of work at a time on it. Here's some completely terrible pics of the progress so far.

First, I managed to reinforce the banner pole. The pole on many examples I've seen gets very week between the join point on the Harbinger's hood, and the base of the flag itself. The big problem here was that the pole is thin and flat, so simply drilling it out from the hand and replacing it with brass rod was not really a good option for my minimal conversion skills. While at my LGS, I was discussing with a couple people there about the problem and the idea came up to reinforce it with some brass rod glued to the side of the existing pole. I further extended on this idea by bending the brass rod to form sort of a hand guard over the Harbinger's hand. This will provide the necessary reinforcement to the banner pole so that it will survive a bit better on the game table. It's still delicate, but it's better than nothing.

Next I got the Harbinger's torso and legs attached together so that they are quite strongly bonded. This will probably be the second piece I work on after the Acolytes are finished.

And finally, I've started painting the Acolytes. The picture here is terrible but basically I've got 2.5 hours on them so far and only have base coats for the robes finished, along with faces pretty much finished. The Khadric and Midlund Flesh P3 paints are really nice tones. Even without any washes or such the skin looks pretty decent. I'm still terrible with eyes, but in all fairness, these guys are squinting and obscured. No one will be looking at their eyes.

This project is incredibly huge and challenging, and I've resolved to try and do the best painting job I can on it. I'm still debating robe colors for the Harbinger herself, but at this point I'm heavily leaning towards sticking to whites. Anyway, there's my latest progress. Hopefully in a couple more weeks when my home and work situations settle back down I'll have alot more time to work on this.

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