Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

I hate these things. Really. I heard a great sermon today about how we create these "expectations" that this year we can manage to do (or not do) what we failed to accomplish last year, just cause the promise of a new year has arrived. We're creatures of hope, and that's a marvelous thing, but come on people! Anyway, here's my "New Year's" Resolutions:

1) Paint instead of watching TV - Whenever I start to lounge around and watch TV, go paint instead. At the worst, paint while watching TV.

2) Enter a model in a painting competition - I have no chance of winning, but I want to do this anyway. My lofty goal is to enter something at KublaCon this year. Most likely this will be the Harbinger.

3) Maintain a balanced work situation - I got promoted to manager (of 5 software engineers) at the beginning of this year. I need to maintain a balance of only working 9 hours a day max, and definately no weekends.

4) Play Warmachine more - Hopefully once a week, but at least once every other week. More importantly, I want to play at the LGS at least 3 times this year at their monthly 750pt WM tournaments.

5) Watch more classic movies - Duh... classics are good. Up next in my netflix queue are Lawrence of Arabia, Citizen Kane, 12 Angry Men, and, uh, some other stuff.

That's it... nothing habit-altering really except the painting thing. A normal list would probably have something about my family or wife or whatever, but honestly, my wife and I are doing great and making a resolution would just be an insult to the deep importance of my marriage in my life. Hope y'all aren't making silly resolutions out there!

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