Saturday, January 27, 2007

More Harbinger Progress

I made alot of progress today, catching up to where I wanted to be by yesterday. The work week was really ridiculous with 2 14+ hour days, which pretty much blocked out much chance of painting. I probably got about 6 hours of painting in today and finished up the main body and shoulder armour for the Harbinger. There's also a bit more progress on the banner as well, but nothing worth mentioning really. Tally for getting to this point: about 8 hours.

The real challenge at this point is going to be the assembly. My plan at this point is to attach the acolytes next, then the side cloths, and then the chains. I had intended to do the chains first, but after pondering it and looking at various pictures of the fully assembled model, going with chains last is the only good option. The banner and shoulder armour can definately go on very last.

I applied a tip that I'd read somewhere else (probably the PP forums but I forget, sorry): I superglued a screw nut to the bottom of the base. There's 2 reasons for this. First, it is glued right up against the pin for the main body of the Harbinger. Second, (and this is the original tip I'd read) I can use the nut to provide a way to anchor the model inside a box for safer transportation. I'm planning to get an Army Transport case but I'm afraid that it won't be able to safely accomodate this very delicate and spindly model.

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