Thursday, October 15, 2009

Avatar Assembly Finished

Assembly finished! I'm not going to get super detailed here on my pros and cons, but just some quick notes.
* I'm happy with how he has more of a presence. He's tall and in charge.
* He's a little thin in places. It sort of makes him look spindly, but we'll see how that looks after I finish painting him.
* The pose is much better. It's more dynamic, and conveys more motion.
* The effort involved wasn't overwhelming. Despite my busy schedule, I was able to complete this fairly quickly, given my skill level at conversion work.

Now, as soon as the weather changes and the humidity goes down, I can prime him and get started painting!


The Lord of Excess said...

Very cool ... I'm happy to see someone doing a conversion like this. One of my problems with this model (and many in the Warmachine Jack range) is that the legs and body don't match. I don't so much see it as them being too spindly because really as you kind of prove here with your conversion ... thin legs can work with a thick torso machine ... but the static scrunched in legs that are much narrower than the shoulders ... on most of the jacks ... makes them look way to unwieldy and top heavy and clumsy. I really do think that the way you've converted this model does indeed add alot of dynamism and motion to the model. Especially with the Avatar ... a divinely charged magical construct ... it should have grace and fluidity to it I would think. I suppose other arguments can be made ... but hey cool conversion and this really works for that model! Keep up the awesome mini work and keep posting :)

Shelexie said...

Great looking conversion! You can still tell the original model but he looks better than ever. The "thin" part might just be the torso. If you wanted, you could probably thicken that part with cloth or tabards and it might change the thin feeling. Again, great mini!

Mike Howell said...

Very impressive. I was wondering how the longer limbs would look, and you did a great job with it.

I have issues with spray on primer myself, and have really come to love Reaper brush-on black primer. It lets me prime indoors easily and it's great for small repairs.

Scott said...

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate useful feedback. Given that it's going to be a few days before I get to priming him, I may think a bit more about the "thin-ness" of certain portions of the model and look for ways to change that.

I do agree about the jacks having an odd sort of imbalance between upper and lower body. The Avatar is a prime example of them, although not as bad as the Behemoth!