Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back to the Knife

After being gone for the last few days for a much needed vacation, I've returned to my desk to get a bit more work done on the Avatar. This evening I managed to chop the arms apart at the forearm and get the sword arm reassembled. When I cut the arms, I decided to swap the shoulders. This gave a better angle to both arms, opening up the pose. Here I've gotten the sword arm completely reassembled. I wanted to create a bit more dynamic pose to the arm. I've also drilled holes for pinning the shoulders to the body, but have only done an initial dry fit for the moment (to ensure the arm position is ok).

I'll probably work on the shield arm tomorrow. Before I attach the arms to the body I also want to work out how to pin the cloths that hang from the shoulders. Once that's done there will be very little left to do before priming. The biggest barrier to moving forward is a painting contest at my LGS, for which I need to get an entry ready in short order. Depending how well I managed to juggle tasks, I may still get more progress done on the Avatar while getting that entry ready.

1 comment:

Shelexie said...

The arm extension is looking good and I really like the way the sword is looking ;) Great work!