Friday, October 02, 2009

Sharper, Taller, Better...

A little more progress. First up is the sword. After the Milliput had properly hardened, I used the dremel to grind down the end of the blade into (roughly) the shape I wanted. Now, a fair word of warning here. The dremel is king at this task, but it also throws a fair amount of dust obviously. It saves lots of time over filing it down and certainly can be just as precise. When I was sanding it down, it turned out there was a tiny air bubble inside which got exposed. I simply added some green stuff, smoothed it, and filed it once it was hardened. It's not a super great job, but it's close enough. I specifically didn't want a pointed tip to the blade in this case, but it would definitely be possible using this method I bet.

Second is the legs. Again, not long enough. His stock legs make him look like a dwarf. I want this guy to stand taller than the other jacks, and this was definitely a necessary step. Here I did very similar to the hip replacement. I used the jeweler's saw, cut, filed, drilled, and reassembled. This was actually not so much work as the other, primarily due to the simpler cuts and pins. I did however make sure to drill deep holes to make sure the pins would easily support the weight of the body once everything was assembled.

That's it for tonight. With the weekend coming up I'm hoping to make significant progress.


Shelexie said...

I thought you said you were new to converting?!! This stuff is looking great and I appreciate the steps you are going through to get the model you want. Keep up the good work!

Astray Penguin said...

The sword looks wrong, you have an ornate curve style and then it goes insane and curves back. If you want to do that style of sword you need to change the curve of the rear and make it more natural, otherwise it's going to look bad.