Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Avatar Progress Part 10, and a battle report!

Minor update on the conversion project. Got the cloths attached. Tomorrow night I should have time to finish the rest of the assembly and snap pics.

On another note, I got in a game tonight! A practice game for the upcoming Retribution tournament event this weekend at the LGS. I brought an eThagrosh list and was playing against an eGaspy list. It was a pretty vicious battle in the middle, with a swarm of Bane Knights breaking into the middle thanks to Tartarus' beckon. eGaspy's feat round was brutal with both Bane Knights and Soul Hunters driving in, however eThagrosh hung in there and survived the onslaught. At that point the remainder of the battle was academic, with the Totem Hunter, eThagrosh, Typhon, and a Seraph all with clear charge lanes to eGaspy.

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