Saturday, October 31, 2009

Starting to paint the Avatar

After what feels like a very long dry spell, I finally got started painting the Avatar. It's pretty sad progress, mostly because I spent a portion of the day making a new folding game board for Malifaux and painting a minotaur model I've been working on for months now. All I've done here is basic metals work, with a base coat of Oily Steel, then washing with GW Black Wash, then drybrushing back up with P3 Quicksilver. The reason I started with the metals is that I've found my techniques for metals get pretty messy and I often splatter washes onto other parts of a model. So rather than get mad at myself later for splattering on some finished white coats, I figured I'd start with metals and work backwards. Unfortunately the photo is pretty terrible as I learn how to use my new camera phone, and find a better improv photo method for stuff on my desk.

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