Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pandora vs Ramos (the feud continues)

Well, this post is behind schedule, but I finally remembered to pull the photos off my phone today. Played another game of Malifaux, this time fielding my fully painted Pandora box, and also throwing in the Poltergeist Totem, and Taelor. I was facing off against the Ramos box with the Brass Arachnid Totem and Joss.

This battle was epic! The battle ebbed and flowed, with hideous beatdowns delivered. The Black Joker once again delivered me a swift kick in the head and caused Taelor to miss with an attack to knock the Steamborg back, leaving her to die quickly at its claws. Pandora laid a vicious combo on Joss, putting him in a nasty position of multiple Wp checks to take an action which caused him to implode. Pandora though fell to the might of the Steamborg and multiple exploding arachnids and electrical creations. In the end though, Candy snuck in with a Sorrow and delivered a killing blow on Ramos and finished out the last of the enemy crew.

Here's the punchline: Despite wiping out the entire enemy crew, I lost on victory points! My strategy was Treasure Hunt (which I failed because Ramos was the one holding the treasure when he died on the very last activation of the game). Ramos' mission was Reconnoiter, which he obviously failed as well. In the end it came down to schemes, and one of Ramos' was to keep enemies out of his deployment zone. That one VP won him the game. DOH!!!

Anyway, it was an epic and fun battle and I continue to love the Malifaux game.

Games played: 10
Dollars spent: $135.00
Cost per game: $13.50

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