Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flash Point Tournament Results

Yesterday was the Flash Point tournament at my LGS and the results are astounding to me. I managed to win the Dawnlord prize for most consecutive defenses! My list (shamelessly shown above along with the Dawnlord medal and the spiffy button) was eThagrosh, Typhon, Carnivean, Seraph (shamefully unpainted), a Shredder, Striders with the UA, Deathstalker, Incubii, Swamp Gobbers, and the Totem Hunter. I managed to snap a couple pics of the first three games a couple turns into them just to show off everyone else's stuff.

There were 7 total players, and for the first round I ended up sitting out. Once I got into the rotation though, I really got on a roll. First game in I was playing against a Kraye list. At first I was worried this was going to be an uphill battle with the Trenchers really standing tough against my Striders. However once I started to punch into the center I managed to lay some damage onto Kraye and cause him to fall back. If he hadn't been no-knockdown I'd have easily laid him out earlier on, but it took a second attempt to drive in and clear a path for the Carnivean to assault charge for the win. In this battle, Typhon and the Carnivean were rockstars, especially under Glory of Everblight.

My next game, as defender, was against a Terminus list with a fair amount of infantry. This battle required me to really take advantage of my ranged attacks. I managed to use bushwhack to my advantage and get a couple good solid rounds of clearing infantry with my Striders and Seraph. In the end though, a careful use of Slipstream to move Typhon into range, and then a charge followed by a pair of flings threw Terminus out of his woods and into range of the Carnivean who, of course, assault charged and finished the job like the assassin he is.

Third round pitted me against a Krueger list that had 3 Woldwardens and Megalith! This list was played by our local press ganger who is, in my opinion, an exceptional player. It's always an entertaining event to get to play him and I often learn something about the game when I get to. In this case. I was terrified of what he was going to do to me. Fortunately I got pretty lucky by catching the Bloodweavers under the Strider Musician's no-orders ability to prevent charges. At that point Krueger hid behind a wall of 4 wolds (literally, a wall of them), and taunted me. I once again used Slipstream to position Typhon, charged up to fling a Megalith into Krueger. Now at this point I still had my feat move/attack left for my beasts, but I didn't think I could pull it out until my opponent pointed out that the Seraph triggers Strafe on that bonus feat attack since it's not a special action. I'm somewhat embarrassed to say that, in the words of my buddy Lance, "I accidentally beat Marco".

The last battle I managed to get in was against the Kraye list again, but this time with me as the defender. I'll summarize this one by saying that I won because my dice were on fire for pretty much every roll that game. Glory of Everblight definitely helped a lot, but my dice were seriously crazy. Honestly I felt bad about it. I destroyed 3 light jacks, a heavy jack, almost every trooper model, and Kraye by the end.

My eThagrosh list is a lot of fun for me to play. It suits my playstyle and is very versatile. I've been refining it as I go and this tournament was a good test of it. It has plenty of ranged threat to deal with infantry swarms (Striders, Seraph, Typhon's sprays). It has plenty of hard hitting power for hard targets (eThagrosh, Carnivean, Typhon, Strider CRA). It has good mobility with eThagrosh being the only model with less than SPD 6, plus Slipstream gives that added bit of shifting needed. Plus when I need a hard target to tie something up, Typhon with Dragon's Blood and Excessive Healing makes for a really tough nut to crack. Similarly the Carnivean with Dragon's Blood and Spiny Growth is a really big roadblock. And finally eThagrosh's Glory of Everblight and his feat give an excellent overall boost to the beasts.

In summary, the day was a blast. Everyone at the tournament was what I consider to be the A list players of our LGS' Warmachine community in terms of sportsmanship and fun. I had a really great time playing. Winning the Dawnlord awards was just the icing on the cake of a really great day of Warmachine!


Deacis said...

I really like your list. It's not the standard stuff you see nowadays, but has a nice balance between infantry and beasts.

Good job in bringing home the win!

Deacis said...

Btw, how does the totem hunter work for you?

Scott said...

The Totem Hunter is basically there for scenario specifics, like holding a zone and whatnot. He also makes a great solo-killer when needed.

Hmm... perhaps I should do a post on my current army configuration and the thoughts and tactics behind it?

Deacis said...

Sounds good! Would make a nice post.