Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dick Blick

No, "Dick Blick" is not some new fancy curse word. It's an art store. Specifically, it has an online store from which I recently ordered more W&N Series 7 brushes at what feels like a complete robbery. I also picked up a very nice 12 well porcelain palette and some color shapers. I love all these things, and so, here's a quick tools summary.

Brushes: Winsor & Newton, Series 7 - I swear by these brushes. I was always afraid to get them (primarily because of the cost), and used to use synthetic bristle brushes. Now that I've switched to these, I'll never go back. I simply couldn't use any other brushes anymore. They keep a point amazingly well, are very durable (if taken care of properly), and are simply an order of magnitude better than any other brushes I've ever used. Unlike other lower quality brushes, I am able to use a size 2 for 75% of the painting I do. I recently picked up a second #2 and #1, as well as getting a #0 to try out. I don't expect to be using the #0 very much, but I couldn't pass on the price. Just as a final testimonial, my first W&N S7 was $35, and I've been using it for probably 8+ months now. I've NEVER given it a second thought that I spent so much on a single brush. Literally, after using it for a week, I've never regretted it and would easily spend another $35 to replace it if need be. Fortunately, Dick Blick has provided another option.

Palettes: multi-well porcelain - There's probably 50 different schools of thought on this topic, with alot of the differences based on personal preference. I like the porcelain palettes for 2 primary reasons: 1) They are easy to clean (just plop them in a bowl of water overnight and the next day just a light rub removes the paint), and 2) The wells keep me from making a mess. This is definately a preference things, but if you're going to get those crappy little plastic or metal paint well palettes, spend the extra money on a porcelain one instead. You won't regret it. The porcelain ones never stain, always come clean, and will last forever. Again, like the S7's, they pay for themselves after about 6 months.

Sculpting tools: Color Shapers - These are a new aquisition for me. The recommendation came from the Brush Thralls. I'm pretty lame when it comes to sculpting and conversion work, partially because green stuff has always given me fits. I've only used these new Color Shapers a couple times now, but I must say, they are marvelous. Literally, the green stuff does not stick to them. I was always having problems with it sticking to my metal sculpting tools before. I can't wait to use these little bad boys more. I got the variety pack of size 0 shapers which is probably the perfect size for the amount of sculpting I do.

In summary: new toys = good. Now, back to working on the Totem Hunter!

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