Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Role Reversal

Played against Zugbart again last night, but this was a bit of a switcheroo. I played mercs and he played Protectorate. We only played 350pts, but it was quite entertaining.

The Armies:
Mercs (Highborn Contract): Ashlynn, Nomad, Alexia, 2 Bokurs, Gorman, Herne & Jonne.
Protectorate: Kreoss, Crusader, Repenter, Revenger, Eiryss.

The Game:
Ironically, I got assassinated by Kreoss in the first game on round 2. You'd think that being a Menoth player that I'd have watched out a bit more closely. Alot of it had to do with Ashlynn just being a superwuss for taking damage. So, we played the same lists again.

The Game (for real):
This time I played more conservatively with Ashlynn. Even though Kreoss' feat was still a pain in the ass, it didn't come up until the Bokurs had already gotten to have their charge round in, which made for some pretty serious devastation on the enemy jacks. All around, it was just an uphill battle trying to disable the jacks, and in the end I still hadn't taken out the Crusader. Kreoss also proved to be difficult to hurt, taking multiple hits from various sources before the final blow was struck. In the end, Ashlynn (enhanced with her Quicken spell) walked out of melee with the Crusader and took a hand cannon shot on Kreoss, striking him down.

The Highlights:
The Bokurs performed well, Gorman was Gorman, and Herne & Jonne were both quite useful (despite my early assessment of them). Alexia was really not that helpful, mostly due to a lack of living models to generate Risen from. The Nomad was, well, a damage machine, for one round. Unfortunately the Crusader got the charge against him so that dramatically limited the amount of damage I was able to lay out with him. Overall, I'd have to say that the Bokurs and Ashlynn were my favorite models in this battle.

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