Thursday, June 14, 2007

Grim vs Harbinger, round 3

Got to play against Zugbart again on Tuesday. Although it was a fun game, it took over 4 hours, and by the end I think we were both ready for the game to be over. In the end, I couldn't kill off enough beasts to thin him down quick enough and ended with the Harbinger all by herself, who then got killed by beasts. To her credit, she put up a good fight. There was a moment near the end of the game where I might have had a chance to assassinate Grim, but it would have required slightly better than average dice rolls, and up until that point, both of us had had problems with our dice cooperating. Zugbart had a number of missed attack rolls which made a big difference. I had a number of damage rolls that would come 1 short of killing my targets, which made a big difference (since those blasted warbeasts just heal back up eventually).

Highlights from the battle for me:
  • Rupert dealt the killing blow to an Axer, in melee, rolling boxcars on a damage roll.
  • Gorman did a great job of neutralizing the Mauler up until Grim sniped him down.
  • Supported by Harbinger bonuses, 4 chior members came incredibly close to killing Grim in melee. Who knew?!

This Harbinger list featured half infantry and half warjacks. Honestly, I liked the idea at first, but I think it doesn't execute very well. Once the zealots were below half, and I had lost a jack, I quickly started running out of options. I think all-jack or all-infantry lists with the Harbinger are the better choice.

One new feature for me was using the Reclaimer. I have to say that he was handy, but once I ran out of infantry, he quickly became less useful. Pretty much his role the entire game was to turn dead protectorate models into focus for warjacks. His other features pale in comparison. If his actions were abilities instead, I could see him being way cooler. His other 2 special actions are relatively useless unfortunately.

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