Saturday, June 16, 2007

Misc Day #314

Not really getting alot of any one thing done today. Instead I'm puttering around on a number of seperate things today. I've got the book bearer of the Covenant model painted, but the priest is still not even started at the moment. Probably later tonight.

I picked up Doc Killingsworth and Bosun Grogspar. Bosun is a way cool model. He'll probably get escalated even though I don't plan on fielding him anytime soon.

I also picked up some balsa wood to experiment with making wood plank bases with. I've been determined to find a quick and easy way to make wood plank bases for when I inevitably start getting lots of pirates. I had started with coffee stirrers and such but that wood is just a pain in the ass to cut to shape. The balsa wood is ideal. I've also been intrigued with making some swamp bases and finally found some Envirotex to experiment with. So I've prepped a base for that experiment as well. Below are pics of the bases in progress, along with a pic of the bottom of the swamp base just for example purposes.

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