Saturday, June 02, 2007

Harbinger 2,Grim 0

Another battle against Zugbart yesterday, although I have to say that this battle was less fun than our average battle. Zugbart's baddice luck with Grim continued, although not quite as terrible as before. Probably the bigger difference was the army compositions. I had almost an entirely infantry army against his almost entirely warbeast army. I spent my first turn getting the right models in the right place, and then on my second turn I had my daughters already charging Grim while the rest of my army was setting up for a crushing wave. Although the daughters didn't kill Grim (primarily due to his high defense), they did a little damage to him and more importantly forced him to use the blitzer's animus to sneak out of the fray. By the third round the zealots were delivering firebombs and the knights were setting up charge lanes. Vilmon was the star performer in this one, tying up 4 champs at once all by himself. The Harbinger mostly spent the game far in the backfield, not even using her feat. I must say, the more I use Vilmon and the Daughters, the more I love them. Anyway, there's a couple of pics of the battle on my photobucket album, but here's the shot of Grim in peril:

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Da Troll said...

This game was total ownage for the Menoth. I think I possibly killed 3-4 guys max hehe.

You've definitely got the tactics for the Harbinger and the zealot screen working great, much better than with Amon I think.