Sunday, June 24, 2007


I played 5 (!) games of Hordes this weekend against my friend Lance. I brought my trolls to face off against his Skorne, and I must say, it was a righteous rumble all weekend long. The final score was Trolls 2, Skorne 3. Clearly, there's no game summary for each game, but here's a spew of highlights:

  • Madrak went undefeated in his 2 games.
  • Doomshaper lost all 3 (once due to ridiculously lucky damage rolls
  • Champs + Krielstones + Gobbers + Sure Foot = abso-freakin-ridiculous.
  • The Totem Hunter managed to works as a great distraction. In one game he tied up a Cyclops Savage, Ancestral Guardian, and a pair of Paingivers for 2 rounds, giving the rest of my army buffer to focus on taking out a Titan with little danger.
  • Titan Gladiators are obnoxious to dispose of.
  • The Blitzer routinely performs great.
  • The Fell Caller is like a massive swiss army knife. The analogy is especially good since although a swiss army knife has alot of features, you can't really use more than 1 at a time safely.

Here's a listing of the various battles and their "killing blows":

  • Madrak vs Morghul - I forget how this one unfolded exactly. I think Madrak used his axe.
  • Doomshaper vs Morghul - A crazy big damage roll on Morghul's "can not transfer damage" spell put Doomshaper down.
  • Madrak vs Hexeris - The Madrak brick rolled forward and the Blitzer delivered a beatdown on Hexeris in melee.
  • Doomshaper vs Hexeris - Another crazy damage roll, this time from Deathbringer cast at the Mauler, and I stupidly left no fury on Doomshaper to transfer with that round.
  • Doomshaper vs Hexeris - I attempted a No Quarter Challenge at got betrayed by my dice, at which point my army was totally exposed and got beat down. A cyclops charge finished off Doomshaper.

That last battle deserves a quick note. What happened was this...

  1. Doomshaper feated
  2. Hexeris, in order to have Fury next round and avoid Doomshaper's feat, backed up the Bronzeback behind him, and riled it for 5.
  3. Doomshaper runs the Mauler forward, then charges the Mauler from behind in order to move forward 8", putting him just within 10" of the Bronzeback.
  4. Doomshaper casts Rampager at the Bronzeback, which has 5 Fury on it.
  5. The Axer runs in to form up with the Mauler making a wall in front of Doomshaper, who is sitting on 4 Fury.
  6. The Scattergunners gun down all the paingivers and other models nearest to the Bronzeback, leaving Hexeris as the closest model.
  7. During Hexeris' maintinance phase, Rampager takes effect, forcing a Threshold check on the Bronzeback. He's got 5 Fury, and a 9 Threshold, and... rolls a 4. If he'd failed, the Bronzeback would have frenzied and charged Hexeris in the back. It would have pretty much collapsed the Skorne army at that point. Unfortunately, it left me on the hill in a position for the Bronzeback, the Gladiator and the Cyclops to deliver beatdowns on all my warbeasts. Stupid dice! In the imaginary No Quarter world, I would have won that game. Still though, I'm glad I went for it, even though I lost.

I also got started on the Totem Hunter, but not far enough to post a picture.

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