Saturday, June 09, 2007

Reclaiming My Time

Hooray! I finished the Reclaimer solo today. Not necessarily a model I plan on fielding very much, but it was a lovely model to paint regardless. I used him as an opportunity to practice a couple of colors that I've been unsatisfied with lately.

The black robes I did by starting with Ironhul Grey. Then I did 2-3 thin black washes on top of that. Then I highlighted with Ironhull Grey again, and used some straight black in some recesses to emphasize certain places better. I like the way this turned out, and it was relatively easy and fast to do. Black has been a color I haven't worked with much and rarely been satisfied with my results. This definatey helped my confidence. I'm looking forward to using this technique on the High Reclaimer and Testament. I really do like the look of black, red and brass together. Extending the color scheme from the Daughters to this guy worked great I feel.

The brass pieces took a little more work. I started with Pig Iron as a base, then used Brass Balls on top of that. The Pig Iron is just to give a smoother result to the Brass Balls. Then after that I did a wash of Blighted Gold. Then I used a mix of Armor Wash and Turquoise Ink and a little water (about 4:1:2 ratio). The Turquoise was a tip I picked up from one of McVey's articles in No Quarter (I forget which issue). It really makes a nice tint to the brass.

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