Wednesday, April 08, 2009

First MKII Battle!

Sorry, no pictures this time. Unfortunate too, since it was almost entirely painted. Lance and I played last night using the new MKII rules and I have to say that overall I like the changes.

My List: Reznik, Reckoner, Blessing of Vengeance, Hierophant, Knights Exemplar(6), Chior(6), 3 Wracks
Lance's List: Epic Asphyxius, Deathjack, Deathripper, Mechanithralls(10), Brute Thrall, Necrosurgeon, Necrotech

The battle was brutal. Before I go through the details of the battle, I want to share my MKII experiences:
* The game plays smoothly. Other than questions about staying in formation while charging, the rules were easy to navigate and use.
* Everything in my army except Wracks had changed. Some of it was substantially different (Reznik, Knights, Chior). However I can honestly say the changes didn't bother me at all. In fact, I liked most of them.
* Other than one instance of Reznik's Witch Hunter ability, I don't think we missed a single rule or ability during the game.
* Jacks are definitely better now. I love their new rules on damage and the boost to MAT makes them much more effective. The power attacks stuff is also pretty sweet.

Here are battle highlights:
* Reckoner, juiced up on spells and chior, charges in and wrecks the DJ in a single round.
* Necrotech created at least a dozen scraps over the course of the game. Those scraps also did a pile of damage to stuff.
* Reznik having Ashes To Ashes is a nice change of pace, and really helped with crowd control on the Mechanithralls.
* Epic Asphyxius is still a pain in the butt to get to. In the end, only he and Reznik were on the table, and he got the charge in on Reznik and pulled out the win.

It was both a close and a fun game. The new rules are excellent in my humble opinion. I'm looking forward to these changes being officially released next year!


Deacis said...

Nice! I have a list in mind which is almost the same as yours, except I want to use a Castigator as signature jack for Reznik; Iron Aggression really seems made for him! I also think Reznik got a lot of kewl stuff in MKII and is much more competitive and fun to play now.

Too bad almost all my gaming buddies play Hordes and no one really seems to care about MKII at this time; bugger..... Maybe I need to be more 'persuasive' *evil grin*

Scott said...

I was thinking about that too, especially since there's some level of balance that will need to be tested in the interactions between the two systems. I was almost thinking to just try using the MKII rules for the WM army, and leave Hordes as Hordes since they aren't that drastically different.