Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Warmachine MKII

Well, if you follow Warmachine at all, you probably know that the MKII Field Trial has started. As a result my painting is slowing down in order to review the new rules and try to get a few games in. I'm not going to give a summary here of my thoughts except to say that I think it is good overall. One good thing is that MKII has me inspired to work on the Avatar.

Epic Severius is almost done now. Just down to fiddly bits and details. Hopefully I can finish him up tonight. The Fire of Salvation is assembled and primed on my desk.

I think that Legion is going to go on hold for a while. My hope of starting it soon has been drowned by a desire to finish up my remaining Protectorate stuff and maybe even go back and hit a couple more Cryx things. We'll see what happens though since my muse is a fickle creature.

Specific thought for the day: The P3 paint pots are fine, but when the top detaches from the pot entirely, it gets a little frustrating to work with. The GW foundation pots are fairly obnoxious because they don't stay open enough. In general I don't really like droppers cause I waste more paint doing that. Once of these days, maybe someone will find a better solution.

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