Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MKII: Protectorate vs Cryx

Quick battle report, which is long overdue. I'm dead tired and sorely behind on things. The Fire of Salvation is parked with glosscoat drying too. Anyway, it was a 35pt battle under MKII and was quite amusing.

Protectorate: Feora, Avatar, Castigator, Daughters, Deliverers (6), Sunburst, Cleansers (6), Allegiant, Hierophant, 3x Wracks
Cryx: eSkarre, Cankerworm, Leviathan, Nightwretch, Bane Knights (10), 2x Pistol Wraiths, Tartarus, Wrathe

* Feora is still Feora. She kicks butt and sets things on fire.
* Cleansers are pretty rockin. Automatic fire is a pretty sweet upgrade for them. Still not my favorite, but improved.
* Daughters are, well, not quite as I remember them. They are still pretty fun though.
* New Deliverers are very cool. I love the new Rocket Volley option for them. It's a welcome alternative to firing shot after shot of deviating blast.
* The Leviathan still impresses me for the points.
* Bane Knights are pretty reasonable now. I'd say they are quite fairly priced now.

* Vengeance or Continuous Effects: Which go first?
* No measuring unit formation during Vengeance?
* Wall of Fire does not block LOS?
* When fleeing a unit can "cower"? (apparently it's correct, but still sounds wrong)

Feora pulled out a victory on this one. In the end I pulled out a NQ win. On eSkarre's feat round, she marked Feora and herself as non-targetable. However Feora's Blazing Effigy spell is not an attack spell. The Castigator trampled up over a couple Bane Knights and then Feora blasted eSkarre. It helped that she already had some self-applied damage on her, and the Sunburst was able to apply a couple points.

Still loving MKII. The rules flow well and play smoothly.

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John said...

Nice win especially over Cryx