Sunday, April 05, 2009

From the Desk: Vacation!

I'm on vacation! All week! So there will probably be lots of activity on this blog since my vacation does not have any specific plans other than to relax. It's a week for me to unwind, get stuff done around the house, and generally bum around. So, of course, I have grand plans for painting.

Currently I'm working on epic Severius, who has been sitting in my unpainted bin since his original release date some months ago. The picture here is pretty terrible, but it gives you the general idea. It's a pretty detailed model, and I like the depth variation in his robes.

In parallel I'm starting the Fire of Salvation, and also doing the initial prep work on the Avatar (which has been sitting around for a very long time). I want to do some more serious conversion work on the Avatar because, to be frank, I think the sculpt is lacking a bit in the awesomeness department. I'll probably do a series of posts on it like I did with the DTMX.

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