Sunday, April 19, 2009

SR4 Battle Report

The tournament yesterday was amusing. The quote for the day was "Dude, there's a Reznik in my face!" Overall I had a typical tournament record: 1 win, 1 loss, 1 by.

My List: Reznik, Fire of Salvation, Blessing of Vengeance, Revenger, Chior(6), Vassal, 2x Seneschals, 3x Wracks.
I brought a backup Harbinger list, but had no intention of playing it. I wanted to try out Reznik with a jack heavy list.

Battle 1: I fought against Protectorate ironically. Severius, Zealots+Monolith, Knights Exemplar, Chior, 2x Redeemers, Blessing of Vengeance. The battle overall was just difficult. Since I couldn't target Severius directly with spells, it limited my options. Plus there was this plateau terrain feature in the middle that screwed both of us up. I very nearly got a run on Severius with the Fire of Salvation (of which one hit would have probably done him in), but due to unfortunate positioning, he just couldn't quite fit through between two jacks and I got stuck. Then he managed to get a charge on Reznik with the knights and that wrapped things up. Overall it was a poor match up anyway since Severius is somewhat of an achilles heel for Reznik (feat, spells, etc).

Battle 2: Unluckily, I drew the by for that round. *sigh* I did however get to watch a magificent throwdown between Deneghra and Skarre where the Cankerworm destroyed both the Deathjack and the Nightmare. It was shocking.

Battle 3: I love the 3rd round. By then it's a game just for fun since I'm never in a winners' bracket. I faced off against Asphyxious, Soulhunters(5), Biles(7?), 3x Deathrippers, Skarlock, Wrathe and Gorman. This is where Reznik shined. I put Brand of Heresy on the Soulhunters, Zealot's Rage on the Fire of Salvation, and Enliven on the Blessing of Vengeance. It was downright punishing to the Cryx player. He could never quite leverage his full strength and I was able to relentlessly push forward toward his side. Near the end he retreated with Asphyxious behind a cloud but by using Perdition I got the Fire into LOS of Asphyxious and then pulled off the 10" charge and beat him down like the dog he was. This was definitely a battle where I felt like I executed extremely well and leveraged the full power and synergy of my army.

Casualties: A wrack got damaged slightly, and the Fire of Salvation, which wasn't completely finished, had a bit of an issue with a couple of pins, but overall no unrecoverable damage. I had worried about bringing the Fire of Salvation since I hadn't sealed it yet, but in hindsight I am certainly glad I did.

Overall: Great time was had. The "fanboy" Protectorate player was there boasting about not using Kreoss but he fielded a completely typical Harbinger list with Doc and Vilmon and Paladins and Redeemers. All things considered, I'd rather have a By than face that. Fortunately both of my battles were entertaining.

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