Monday, April 13, 2009

MKII: Mercs vs Cryx

Two more MKII battles on Saturday night. Just getting behind on posting unfortunately. Here's the highlights:

Battle 1:
Mercs (Highborn): Ashlynn, Nomad, Freebooter, Mariner, Nyss Hunters(10), Dougal, Stannis, Bokur, Herne&Jonne
Cryx: eAsphyxious, 2x Pistol Wraits, Seether, 2x Deathrippers, Soulhunters(5), Bane Thralls(10), Skarlock

Summary: I got Cryx'd. Admitedly I could have probably avoided it, but the Seether slammed the Bokur into Ashlynn and then a single Soulhunter charged and killed her. The battle was a poor match up anyway, as Asphyxious was dropping out cloud templates to provide cover to the Soulhunters, and the Bane Thralls had stealth, so it was pretty difficult for me to leverage my army against them.

Battle 2:
Mercs (Highborn): Ashlynn, Nomad, Freebooter, Mariner, Nyss Hunters(10), Dougal, Stannis, Aiyana&Holt, Gorman
Cryx: eDeneghra, 2x Deathrippers, Nightmare, Mechanithralls(10), Necrosurgeon, 2x Brutethralls, Bane Knights(10), Tartarus

Summary: I got seriously Cryx'd. Top of round 2 eDeneghra feats and then the Nightmare uses it's prey to move in, then tramples over the Nyss and into melee with Ashlynn. A single hit from the Nightmare killed her with damage to spare. This is the first thing I've encountered in 5 games that actually felt broken. With eDenghra's Pursuit spell, the Nightmare could potentially move 12" before it's activation, and then take a 9" charge/trample. We're planning on trying that out again to see what happens before reporting it.

Overall: Still loving MKII. The rules are streamlined and easy to follow. There's a few specific situations that are raising questions, but overall I love it. I'm sort of sad to be playing MKI for the SR4 tournament this Saturday.

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Deacis said...

How did the tournament go? ;-)

That pretty nasty now trampling with a jack. No more protecting your warcaster with cheap infantry on the front...