Thursday, April 09, 2009

MKII: 2 More Battles

2 more test battles today. Again, no pictures. I played Protectorate against Cygnar at the LGS.

Battle 1:
Protectorate: eKreoss, Vanquisher, Dervish, Revenger, Reclaimer, Chior(6), Covenant, TFG(10)
Cygnar: Darius, Ironclad, Centurion, Stormclad, Squire, Strangeways, Mechanics

Summary: I pulled out a win by the skin of my teeth. The Covenant is awesome for the no-knockdown feature. The Dervish however was the star of the show. I used him to sneak around and then use side-step to make my way over to Darius and deliver a beating. I absolutely love the Dervish now. The Stormclad was totally badass to fight against as well.

Battle 2:
Protectorate: Amon, Devout, Dervish, Guardian, Repenter, Chior(6), Paladin, 3 Wracks, Sunburst Crew
Cygnar: eHaley, Defender, 2 Lancers, Trenchers(6), Squire

Summary: This was a bad match up for Cygnar. After a first round of eHaley's domination, I kept "no spells" on all my jacks and spell barrier on Amon for pretty much the entire game. Eventually I wore him down and took out eHaley, but he almost got a serious NQ win on me by trying to use telekinesis to move Amon out from his cover and then blast him with spells. Amon took a beating over the course of the game but pulled out the win. It was rough though since I lost most of my cortexes over the course of the game.
Amon plays like a whole new caster now. Even though I have to re-learn him, I like him. The Sunburst was actually quite good now.

MKII Experience:
MKII continues to impress me. The biggest issues that came up were just a distinct lack of rules where there used to be rules. I won't go into great detail, but this was today's list of questions:
* No mention that jack's can't spend focus outside of their activation (matters for free strikes, Darius' jackhammer, Devout's defensive strike, Vassal, etc)
* No mention that weapon crews can't run.
* No mention of what direction continue fire damages from (respective of shields)
* No mention of front/back arcs when knocked down (again, shields)
* Warcaster Attachments apparently are just solos now
* No mention of shield bonuses going away when that arm system is disabled
* No mention of warjack bonds granting an extra focus allocation
* Which wins between Purification and eFeora's Caustic Presence?

I'm seriously looking forward to more games with MKII.

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