Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Harbinger Finished! (Almost)

All the painting is done. Just handling the last bits of assembly now, excluding the chains. There's a minor bit of unfortunateness around the assembly. Instead of the one Acolyte being too far forward, instead it's the Harbinger who's too far back. The side cloths didn't fit very well, but a little creative bending and pinning has them roughly in place. It's not the best assembly I could have asked for, but it's good enough. Given how bad I am at the "modeling" aspect of the hobby, I'm not going to pitch a fit. No pictures tonight though. I'm going to try and finish the last assembly and get chains on it first.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Harbinger Status: Minor Disaster

So today I started assembling more of the Harbinger and managed to do something not so clever. I mounted all the Acolytes to the base, but one of them is too far forward and so the chain won't reach. I'm now left with a couple options: order more chains from the parts service and somehow attach two chains together, or create my own chains. For now I'm going to opt for option b and see how it turns out.

On the plus side I got nearly 3 more hours of painting in, which has the banner very close to completed now, and the side cloths basecoated. I'm probably looking at another 4 hours or so to finish up painting and then a couple more hours of assembly. If I were smart, I'd start prepping the second Bokur, but I'm very intent on staying focused on the Harbinger for now.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

More Harbinger Progress

I made alot of progress today, catching up to where I wanted to be by yesterday. The work week was really ridiculous with 2 14+ hour days, which pretty much blocked out much chance of painting. I probably got about 6 hours of painting in today and finished up the main body and shoulder armour for the Harbinger. There's also a bit more progress on the banner as well, but nothing worth mentioning really. Tally for getting to this point: about 8 hours.

The real challenge at this point is going to be the assembly. My plan at this point is to attach the acolytes next, then the side cloths, and then the chains. I had intended to do the chains first, but after pondering it and looking at various pictures of the fully assembled model, going with chains last is the only good option. The banner and shoulder armour can definately go on very last.

I applied a tip that I'd read somewhere else (probably the PP forums but I forget, sorry): I superglued a screw nut to the bottom of the base. There's 2 reasons for this. First, it is glued right up against the pin for the main body of the Harbinger. Second, (and this is the original tip I'd read) I can use the nut to provide a way to anchor the model inside a box for safer transportation. I'm planning to get an Army Transport case but I'm afraid that it won't be able to safely accomodate this very delicate and spindly model.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Delayed Catchup

I actually played Warmachine a few days ago. Must have been last Sunday I think. The days have been a bit of a blur for me lately since work has me really overloaded, but let's see what I can recall of the battle.

I played an eFeora list that included TFG's, Vengers, and a bonded Redeemer (amoung other things). My opponent was Cryx led by eSkarre and included 4 turkeys, fisties, raiders, biles, 2 bokurs, and some other stuff that I'm forgetting. Here are some of the highlights of the battle:
  • Having Blazing Aura on the TFG's, which made them pretty obnoxious to remove.
  • The Vengers didn't suck. In fact they were pretty boss, even just taking a minimum squad. I think that Blazing Aura would actually be pretty swanky on a full unit of Vengers.
  • eFeora's feat actually turned out to be pretty useful, but not until the 4th round when I was struggling to mop up the stragglers.
  • eFeora's Escort spell is super badass for granting the +2" movement. I was more interested in the +2 ARM for eFeora at first, but giving the Guardian a 9" charge is spanktacular.
  • The bonded Redeemer was totally worthwhile. I had low opinions of the redeemer before, but with a chior in the backfield to back it up, and automatically causing fire, it's nothing to thumb your nose at. Definately worth getting it instead of a squad of those inept, unboostable bottle rocket monkeys.
  • eSkarre's feat is pretty obnoxious, but I had an amusing time using nearby targets to the untargettable models and "cryx"ing the Cryx guy. My favorite part was using the Guardian's critical pitch (with a little luck) and pitching a bonejack into the untargettable Bokur and knocking him down.

Overall I like eFeora, but mostly because she plays alot more like Severius than like regular Feora. Her spell list is very flexible and with a solid arcnode up front (like the Guardian) and a Devout to provide her cover in the backfield, she is really slick. The TFG's were pretty cool, but I'm definately going to look at other options. I like the idea of dropping them, upping the Vengers to a full squad, and tossing in a unit of Daughters. Part of this is due to the fact that I'm super interested in painting the Daughters over anything else right now.

Ok... quick update on the Harbinger before I go back to working. I'm well behind where I wanted to be. I'm probably about halfway through doing blending on the main white robes. It's in that middle phase where I look at it and get depressed cause a) there's a long ways to go and b) it doesn't look good at all yet. Anywho, that's the situation. This weekend I fully intend to get the main body, the banner, and the shoulder armor done.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Acolyte Pics

Finally found a break in the storm to post these pics. I uploaded them this morning but my job is pretty much kicking my ass full time, so I didn't get a break until now. Anywho, here's pics of the Harbinger's Acolytes as they are now. They aren't attached to the main base yet of course since I need to fit all the pieces together.




A little under 8 hours to paint these 3. The camera washed out alot of the white shading unfortunately. I've sort of resigned myself to this medium-level photography for now. I'm not that great of a painter that I need badass pics anyway.

On the equipment front, I found a really kick-ass arm lamp with built in magnifying glass the other day. They had to order more unfortunately, but the magnifying glass seems like it will actually work well, unlike almost all other once I've seen before. Once it comes in and I get that bad boy home I'll post a pic of it.

And now, time for some rambling. I'm stuck at work for another half hour or so while they finish up a code release so I have some time to burn. I'm getting pretty exhausted with work. The manager transition is really rough when I'm still being used as a coding resource. Especially when I'm routinely double-booked as a coding resource AND have to do my manager duties as well. It's sort of like having 3 jobs. Today in the downstairs hallway I bumped into a couple people and they were confused to see me there. I explained that they cloned me and that when they go upstairs, they will probably run into my clone. There was much more joking after that around how to tell the clone apart from the original. The sad thing is, I could really use a copy of myself right now. I'm very hopeful that things will even out over the next few weeks as I get a handle on the situation. Well, enough whining. Time to get things wrapped up and head home.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Harbinger Acolytes

The 3 acolytes are done now. Spent about 7ish hours on them. I'm fairly happy with them, although I did cut a couple corners that I'll probably not cut when doing the Harbinger herself. They aren't really in a state to take pics of right now, but perhaps tomorrow I'll get some pics of them. The next couple bits are primed, but the weather here is very cold so I've got very narrow windows to do priming when I get home. Urgh, I'm exhausted. Pics later... sleep now.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Finally got to play Warmachine again today. I got smoted. I've been trying to plan out a more effective list but this one got heavily crushed by my buddy's Cryx list. I'm thinking there needs to be some alternates put in, but I'll elaborate more later. For now, I want to paint some more. The acolytes for the Harbinger are almost done. Tomorrow I'll probably be needing to prime parts of the Harbinger herself. Hooray!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I've managed to trash my neck and shoulder a bit. It's mostly muscle pain and probably either from biking or stress from work. In any case, painting is on hold for a few days I suspect. Hopefully this passes soon.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

I hate these things. Really. I heard a great sermon today about how we create these "expectations" that this year we can manage to do (or not do) what we failed to accomplish last year, just cause the promise of a new year has arrived. We're creatures of hope, and that's a marvelous thing, but come on people! Anyway, here's my "New Year's" Resolutions:

1) Paint instead of watching TV - Whenever I start to lounge around and watch TV, go paint instead. At the worst, paint while watching TV.

2) Enter a model in a painting competition - I have no chance of winning, but I want to do this anyway. My lofty goal is to enter something at KublaCon this year. Most likely this will be the Harbinger.

3) Maintain a balanced work situation - I got promoted to manager (of 5 software engineers) at the beginning of this year. I need to maintain a balance of only working 9 hours a day max, and definately no weekends.

4) Play Warmachine more - Hopefully once a week, but at least once every other week. More importantly, I want to play at the LGS at least 3 times this year at their monthly 750pt WM tournaments.

5) Watch more classic movies - Duh... classics are good. Up next in my netflix queue are Lawrence of Arabia, Citizen Kane, 12 Angry Men, and, uh, some other stuff.

That's it... nothing habit-altering really except the painting thing. A normal list would probably have something about my family or wife or whatever, but honestly, my wife and I are doing great and making a resolution would just be an insult to the deep importance of my marriage in my life. Hope y'all aren't making silly resolutions out there!

Harbinger Progress (part 2)

I meant to keep more detailed steps of the harbinger progress, but 1) I got lazy, and 2) I'm lucky to get an entire uninterrupted hour of work at a time on it. Here's some completely terrible pics of the progress so far.

First, I managed to reinforce the banner pole. The pole on many examples I've seen gets very week between the join point on the Harbinger's hood, and the base of the flag itself. The big problem here was that the pole is thin and flat, so simply drilling it out from the hand and replacing it with brass rod was not really a good option for my minimal conversion skills. While at my LGS, I was discussing with a couple people there about the problem and the idea came up to reinforce it with some brass rod glued to the side of the existing pole. I further extended on this idea by bending the brass rod to form sort of a hand guard over the Harbinger's hand. This will provide the necessary reinforcement to the banner pole so that it will survive a bit better on the game table. It's still delicate, but it's better than nothing.

Next I got the Harbinger's torso and legs attached together so that they are quite strongly bonded. This will probably be the second piece I work on after the Acolytes are finished.

And finally, I've started painting the Acolytes. The picture here is terrible but basically I've got 2.5 hours on them so far and only have base coats for the robes finished, along with faces pretty much finished. The Khadric and Midlund Flesh P3 paints are really nice tones. Even without any washes or such the skin looks pretty decent. I'm still terrible with eyes, but in all fairness, these guys are squinting and obscured. No one will be looking at their eyes.

This project is incredibly huge and challenging, and I've resolved to try and do the best painting job I can on it. I'm still debating robe colors for the Harbinger herself, but at this point I'm heavily leaning towards sticking to whites. Anyway, there's my latest progress. Hopefully in a couple more weeks when my home and work situations settle back down I'll have alot more time to work on this.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Yesterday I had two new employees start. I spent most of the day in training, and can expect to do that the rest of the week. My brain was hosed by the end of the workday. I sadly got no painting done, but on the plus side, I watched Good Bye, and Good Luck with my in-laws instead. Quite a good movie. I can feel that the Harbinger is going to get little work done for a few days probably. Hopefully once I get back into a regular sleeping schedule I can pull off an hour each night. Starting is always the hard part.

Monday, January 01, 2007

The American Altar

Foreward: I am guilty of most everything I'm about to complain about.

When was the last time you walked into a house and found there to be no television in it? Actually, scratch that. When was the last time you walked into a house where the family room wasn't organized around a television? Every home has a room that has this technological altar centrally placed. Chairs, couches, endtables, and almost everything in the room is organized to help visitors to this room to focus on the television. I can count on one hand the number of times I have entered a house and not found this room.

Television forms a sort of social glue in our culture today. When you go to a party, and someone starts talking about that latest episode of an evening drama, or the recent sports event, or the world news, it becomes easier to join into the conversation. Everyone that has watched that piece of television programming is able to connect with that conversation. It also allows us to not expose ourselves to other people except in the shows we watch. Instead of talking about what's going in our own lives, we can talk about the lives of other people, even if they happen to be fictional.


I'm officially up to halfway on painting my trolls now. These 2 Impalers put me at 3 painted, 3 unpainted. The remaining 3 of course are much larger or detailed than the first 3 were. Anyway, here's the counts: ~8 hours painting time, 34 paints.
I took some shortcuts, but aso tried some new things. The leathers were not my standard lazy leathers. Instead I did 2 different layers of inks: chesnut, and dark brown.

Next on deck is the Harbinger. The acolytes are primed and ready to start, whereas the Harbinger herself is still mostly in pieces. There's still some fitting and pinning that needs to be finished before I can prime her. It'll probably be at least 2 weeks before I get even close to done with her, so in the mean time I'm going to try and post stuff like my own set of tips, total hours on a backlog of models, and also get more pics posted of older stuff once I can get another good lamp.

Oh, and one last note, I need to start planning an army for Kublacon. I'm definately playing Menoth, but I'm still not clear who I want as my warcaster.