Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Captain Allison Jakes

Back to fully painted for Cygnar, again! No idea how soon I'll get to play her given all my life/work chaos, but hey, she's done! I really like what a great job they did of taking her from journeyman to full warcaster in this sculpt. Still has the look and feel of a female swordsman, but gives her more bulk to emphasize her higher power and status. Great job again PP!

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Back to Malifaux painting! These little guys were super fast to paint, primarily because they are so little. Seriously, the tallest of the bunch is 7/8" tall. Perhaps that's what made them so much fun to paint though. That and that they are so darn cute. Anyway, this starts to build out my Dreamer crew which I've been meaning to get rolling for some time now.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #130

Back in action!

Daydreams are almost done. Made some bases, including ones for Lelu and Lilitu, which needed to blend Nephilim/Nightmare/Woe elements, which was tricking. Assembled and primed Lelu, Lilitu, Nekima and Capt Jakes (not pictured). Primed both Hellmouth units. Cleaned my desk. Most importantly, I have my muse back! Now though, it's bedtime.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Proteus (resculpt)

Such a sweet model!

Scythean 2

This used to be the old Proteus model. But I painted Scythean bits and broke off the old Proteus bits and re-attached.

Battle Report: Caine2 vs Sorcha1

Caine 2... still a thing.

My list: Caine2, Ace, 2 Hunters, Junior, Hunter, Strangeways, 2 Gun Mage Captains, Mechaniks (6), Stormblades (6+UA), Bunker Objective (not relevant).

My opponent: Sorcha1, Behemoth, Decimator, Reinholdt, Koldun Lord, Drakhun, Iron Fang Kovnik, Widowmaker Marksman, Widowmakers, IFP (10+UA), Kell, Eiryss1.

Scenario: Hold The Line (mk3 book), 60 minute death clock.

Super fast synopsis cause I'm exhausted. I won the roll, chose sides to avoid Sorcha being parked behind a wall. Managed to position carefully to avoid too much alpha striking. I actually lured the dismounted Drakhun and Kell to hit the Storm Strider too, which gave it two power tokens. Then after clearing the jam of infantry, I took a run on Sorcha who was sitting on a hill. The Storm Strider with 2 power tokens and Fire For Effect, combined with 2 fully boosted Hunter shots put her in the dirt. The win is a bit of a glitch though because my opponent totally forgot that he had Fog Of War up which would have changed everything, including my whole plan for the round. Nevertheless, I'm putting this one in the win column.

Lessons learned: Caine2 is totally a thing. Maneuvering and applying pressure is also pretty important. I did a much better job this game of using premeasuring to help me out.

Games this year: 44

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Battle Report: Name2 vs Issyria

Another pointlessly brief double battle report. No pictures. Just tracking for my own purposes.

My list: Nemo2, Squire, Dynamo, Centurion, 2 Ironclads, Reliant, Storm Strider, Mechaniks (6), Stockpile objective.

My opponent: Issyra, Chimera, Imperatus, Mechanik, Lanyssa, Magister, Artificer, Aspis, 2 Mage Hunter Assassins, Sentinels (10+UA), Electromancers, Destors (3), Heavy Rifle Team, Bunker objective.

Scenario: Extraction, fake 60 minute deathclock.

Despite having brand new casino dice, I got peed on again, but I did do a decent job of holding my own for a while. In the end though, I was getting attritioned out faster than I could deliver attacks simply due to a lack of the number of attacks I could produce. I felt like I was prioritizing targets correctly, but I just could do enough. Probably should have had a unit of infantry in there.

Lessons learned: Nemo2 is amusing, and there's some great synergy like him giving elite cadre bonuses to Storm Striders (since they are "Stormsmith" models). However in Mk3 his feat is just a bit more underwhelming now since Power Up is already granting 1 focus to everything.

Games this year: 44

Remaining Cygnar casters to play in Mk3: Caine2, Darius, Haley2, Haley3, Nemo1, Siege, Stryker2, Stryker3