Friday, May 16, 2014

RtC: 3 Weeks To L&L

3 weeks to go! I'm officially in panic mode. Technically I will be on the road a week from today, so it's less than 3 weeks. At this point I've calculated that I have 10 remaining useful evenings of painting time left before Lock & Load. That's given work trips and visits with family and friends. Odds are it will be less than that.

So why has my blogging fallen completely off a cliff lately? Well honestly it's just laziness and focus on my competition entries. I did finish up the Beast Mistress and Finn, and my Gnarlhorn is nearing completion (although I'll leave photos out for the time being). I'm hoping to enter the Gnarlhorn in the Kublacon painting competition as well as sort of a litmus test.

So what else have I been doing? Experimenting with inks and pigments, ordering more brands of paints, searching for brush options given the Series 7 shortage, and using the wet palette way more. I've also been working on a painting plan for after Lock and Load.

The next few weeks will likely be quiet on this blog as I make a mad crunch to get things done. I do however promise to do some reviews of the many things I've been experimenting with once things calm back down.