Thursday, December 06, 2007

WWX: Leathers

Worked over the leathers. It took longer than I expected, mostly just cause of basecoating them. Here's the rundown how how I did them:

* Base coat: Rucksack Tan
* Wash: Skorne Red + Brown Ink + Battlefield Brown
* Wash (thin): Bloodstone + Thamar Black
* Minor black touchups
* Highlight: Rucksack Tan + touch of Skorne Red

I also did the eyes and the metal strap hooks. Those were pretty straight forward, although I don't think the eyes turned out so great. I might redo them later.

WWX: Pokey Bits

All the teeth, spines and claws are done now (mostly). There's some blacklining left to do, and some minor touch-ups, but those parts are pretty much done. This is something I went a little overboard on. I started with Thamar Black, then worked through Battlefield Brown, Rucksack Tan, Jack Bone, Menoth White Base, Menoth White Highlight, and finally pure Morrow White. It takes a long time, but I've been pretty happy with the results.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

WWX: Getting Better

I've finished the bulk of the skin work now. There's a few cleanup spots, but in general it's done. The steps I added after finishing the fur were mostly to add some highlighting with Coal Black through Ironhull Grey. Then I added a couple very very thin washes of Coal Black through Thamar Black over the whole thing to bury the highlights a bit. This was a technique I learned from practicing wood grain and bone texture and I think it works well here as well.

The model still looks kinda dumb to me at this point, but hopefully once I start filling out the rest of details it will look better. I'll probably keep working tonight, but this was a good point to stop and take a picture and chronicle the effort.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Victory Against Skorne!

Just a quick report. Played against Lance last night. He had a Hexeris list and I had a Testament list. It was the first time I played the Testament. He was recently painted so I figured I'd give him a try. Overall he was ok, but his feat round was pretty ridiculous. In the end I had lost have my knights and a couple chior, but had taken out 4 Ferox, a Bronzeback, Paingivers, a Gator, and most of the Bonegrinders. Admittedly, Hexeris did some of that work for me with a Deathbringer that caught some other stuff. Here's the highlights:
  • Grogspar continues to be awesome. His slowburn screws up alot of plans.
  • The Testament's feat was crazy good.
  • Hallowed Avenger was very handy. I used it to get the Guardian further up the middle and block off some charge options for the Titans.
  • Seneschals are just crazy ridiculous. Nothing like getting a chain attack slam on a Bronzeback and knocking it back into a Titan Gladiator to screw up a whole mess of stuff.
  • The Guardian continues to be one of my favorite jacks.
  • The Agonizer is frustratingly good at removing options.
  • The Titan Gladiator's animus is also frustratingly good at removing options.
  • Daughters continue to be a favorite unit for me. I especially loved having a little flanking unit of Vilmon and his harem full of Daughters and Hawk.
  • Ferox are not fearless, and failing a cmd check can make or break a game. Putting terror on my knights was an amusing way to add more danger to the Ferox charging them.

Well, I'm hoping to get at least one more game in before I leave on my long vacation to Canada. In the mean time, I need to get refocused on painting again. I'm so close to fully painted!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

WWX: The Line Between Fur and Skin

I've started working the furs now. This is the point where the model is in an in-between state and I get frustrated cause it looks sucky. I'm basically hitting the fur areas with a base coat of Trollblood Highlight, and then catching the sculpted fur bits with highlights of Frostbite and then Morrow White. I've also used some Ironhull Grey and Coal Black to blend and smooth the transitions between the fur base coat and the skin. I'm about 30% done at this point and need to take a break to go out, but figured I'd snap a pic anyway. I'll probably get back to it more tonight. I'm thinking that I'll need to do a couple very thing washes of Coal Black of even just straight black to bury the fur highlights a bit and tone it down.