Saturday, July 28, 2018

Gone Fishin'

I've obviously not been posting here for quite some time. The last 4 months went sideways on me. Family health issuers, alternate art paths, work insanity, etc. Honestly, I was just struggling to find time for hobby stuff and this blog quickly got cut from my attentions. I have actually painted a number of things, but it's all been speed painting for a Necron 40K army. I'm now back to painting some Malifaux stuff again, although it's somewhat limited for the time being. In addition to painting, I've been spending some of my hobby time on sketching and experimenting with color using other mediums.

I'd like to say that I'll be back to posting here again, but honestly it's unlikely. Going forward if you want to follow me, the best place is vxghost on Instagram for stuff I consider more serious artistic efforts, or @sboding on Twitter for more general finished gaming models.