Sunday, April 27, 2008

KublaCon Prep

I finished my primary model for KublaCon this weekend. All sealed, based and ready to go. Of course, no pics here yet. It was relaxing though to put on that last coat of dullcoat and have it dry without problems. I was stressed that after all the painting time (probably 25+ hours) the sealing coats would wreck it.

Now on to more mundane tasks. I've got a full squad of TFG sitting on my desk now, assembled, primed and ready to receive some color. I've promised myself to use them as two-brush blending practice primarily, regardless of how their quality turns out. It'll take me a while to get through them anyway, so I might as well practice the two-brush technique in hopes of learning to paint faster to the quality that I desire.

I was also bad and picked up some more models the other day. A couple trolls, and Captain Rengrave. I've decided to do a 350pt Cryx army and challenge myself to do it in 30 days. I'm not starting it until after KublaCon though since there will be several interruptions before then.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Funk

No, I haven't given up on this blog. There's been a whole pile of things going on. Work has been rather intense, my parents came to visit, and I've been working on my entry for KublaCon. I'm not going to post anything about it until after the con though. Here's a quick update though:

My Dad bought me a new lightbox. It's very nice. It collapses down into a very compact form, comes with 2 lights, and a tripod. It also has a perfect gray background as well. Here is a link on Amazon for it since I don't have any convinient photos at the moment.

I also spent some time messing around with Google's Picasa over the weekend. Going forward I will probably start using it (and Picasa web) for managing my photos. The big question is, should I just leave the photobucket album there, or move everything over to maintain a single account? Lots of work, but I've become rather OCD about having as few accounts as possible.