Sunday, January 27, 2013

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #20

Due to vacation and work travel it has been 6 weeks since I last did one of these weekend roundup posts. It's not like I was getting much done and not posting either, so this won't be very long.

First up is the Extreme Carnivean (or Extrevean as I'm referring to it for convinience). I got it fully assembled! It isn't primed yet as I'm waiting for good weather to make sure I get a really good priming coat on it. The effort to put this thing together, clean up all the mold lines and fill all the gaps was pretty extensive. However I feel it was definitely worth it. This model is pretty insane and I'm not sure how it's going to turn out painted, but I have very high hopes. The biggest question in my mind is how to handle the "hanging skin" all over it. In any case, I'll be taking my time as this is a model I want to really have as a showpiece.

Next are a couple quick pictures of my Judicator progress. First is the legs, which I've decided to 90% paint before the rest of the pieces. The main reason is so that I can go ahead and get them attached to the base. I tried to use the airbrush but I am still having a lot of challenges there. I'll post more about that next time when I'm not so exhausted and jet lagged.

The second picture is the base for the Judicator, which is pretty much done at this point, including holes drilled for the legs and magnets added to the bottom. It's the Secret Weapon 120mm Urban Streets base. I really liked it and only had to add a minor amount of bricks to level things off so the feet sit nice and even and don't look floating at all. And that's it. Hopefully the next few weeks will be productive.