Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Battle Report: Lylyth3 vs Baldur2

Another quick battle report from my (now) weekly game at the LGS last night. My list: Lylyth3, Archangel, Ravagore, Seraph, Shredder, Succubus, Throne, Fyanna, Shepherd
Joren's list: Baldur2, Megalith, Woldwarden, Guardian, 3 Woldwatchers, 2 Gallows Groves, Druids, Stone Keeper

We played the scenario with 3 flags and 1 disappears. Whatever it's called. I won the roll and chose to go first. The pictures give a bit of a picture of what happened. Push to the middle, I started trying to work my way around the Woldwatchers and then after taking a brutal round of attacks from the Woldwarden on my Archangel, I shifted into assassination mode. I actually got 2 runs at Baldur, but my dice were just enough against me that I couldn't pull it off. By the end, Baldur had attritioned things down pretty hard and we called the game. Key takaways:
* Fyanna is fun, but she's got nothin on ARM 24 Woldwatchers. She just doesn't have the juice even with dismember to get anything done.
* Lylyth3 is still way fun, and the bonus move from Escort makes beast threat vectors even more flexible.
* I still love my Archangel, but it definitely does better when it has more support behind it. One day I'll try it with Absylonia.
* eBaldur doesn't seem like such a difficult guy, but his attrition game is really rough. It was satisfying to set him on fire.
* The Seraph almost always does a good batch of work for me. This game was no different. Putting the Dragon's Fire animus on the Seraph is especially amusing for laying out fire.
Joren was a great opponent, and playing against his beautifully painted Circle army was a real treat. Perhaps the best part of the evening was talking about painting for half an hour after the game was over. Joren uses very different painting techniques than I do, so I had lots of questions and got some interesting ideas. I'm especially intrigued to try out some of his airbrush tips.

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JediAnakinSolo said...

Baldur2 is a pretty straightforward caster, and his only real trick is a straight-up arm skew, which is weird for Circle. I feel like Scytheans or Angelii would be the answer there. Without some kind of armor cracking, Legion will have a rough time.