Friday, July 25, 2014


These Stormsmiths helped round out my first 15pt Cygnar list. I enjoyed painting these, but I did find that many of the details on these models are not as finely sculpted as they were in the Nemo1 model. Still though, these guys are amusing characters and I liked working on them.

I will say that I struggled a lot more on the freehand with this. I opted to go with letters instead of numbers, and by the time I was cleaning up the B for the third time, I'd started to think I'd made a mistake and should have done numbers. No doubt I will get a second set of these for the Nemo2 tier list and probably end up doing a D, E and F, which should be easier to freehand.

One thing I was really happy about on these models was the coats. For the most part I felt like doing 5 layers of highlighting was smoother and more effective than doing washes. Probably just cause I had more patience on these for some reason. I may try that again on the next models that have long coats.

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