Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Battle Report: Nemo1 vs Syntherion

This is not so much a battle report as just a quick picture to show I played yesterday. Sorry for the false advertising.

Last night at my LGS, I rolled out my new Cygnar stuff, with a bunch of mercs in tow. I played against my good buddy Lance and his Syntherion army and we had a blast. I have to say that Nemo1's feat is pretty crushing against Convergence. Rather than a battle report, I'm just going to share my first impressions and excitements of playing Cygnar:
  • The Stormwall is awesome, and especially so when loaded with 5 focus.
  • Nemo1 has severe "old man" stats, but he's still a blast to play.
  • Stormsmiths are super fun. Especially with Stormpods out there. And especially when I pull off all 3 types of Storm Calls in a single game.
  • There are a LOT of mercs that work for Cygnar. I had no problem filling out a 50pt list with my existing merc collection.
  • Finn is unfortunately not super effective, but it was a blast to run him right up the field with impunity.

  • One of the best things about painting for me is getting to play the stuff that I've recently finished painting.
    And one of the best things about playing is that I get more motivation to paint.

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