Tuesday, July 15, 2014


My Cygnar Dragon Horde has finally started rolling off the assembly line, and I'm going be rolling out pictures of completed stuff during the next several days. I'm starting with this humble beginning: the Squire. This was sort of a test model to make sure my color scheme for Cygnar would translate well to jacks. It was also a good exercise in how quickly I could crank something out to what I consider tabletop quality. I think this guy took me about 3 hours or less of painting time. It's a pretty simple model but with a lot of metal details. I didn't try to go through and highlight all the metal individually, but rather used simple drybrushing techniques to get it done fast. I find that using "directional drybrushing" does a good job of creating a highlighted brushed metal look with minimal effort.

Now that my first 15 points of Cygnar is done (with a little extra to spare), I'm going to take it to my LGS for a test drive tonight. More to come!

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