Monday, July 07, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #54

A very quick (and late) weekend roundup from this last week.

This last week was really productive. My cooperative 4 year old would sit at the kitchen table with me, playing games on his iPad and chatting with me while I trimmed and assembled models. Here you can see stuff that is assembled and just finished being washed. This week I trimmed, assembled, and washed the following stuff: 2 Fireflies, 2 Hunters, a 6-man unit of Mechanics, Journeyman Warcaster, Storm Strider, and these extra terrain bits. I probably won't prime it until I've gotten my current paint desk stuff almost completed.

So what's on my painting desk? The Stormwall, Nemo1, and a Beast Mistress. The Stormwall is nearly done at this point. Nemo is started, but not that far along. The poor Beast Mistress is just not getting much attention still, mostly due to my fanaticism about painting Cygnar. I'm stoked about having the Stormwall almost done. I just need to finish some highlighting and painting on various insignias.

One note about my Cygnar progress is that I've decided to count the number of rivets on each of the models and tally them up as sort of a total rivet count as I progress. I'm still deciding on how to put that on this blog, but I'll figure that out this week sometime.

A quick last note: I would have gotten more done (and posted this) last night, but I spent most of yesterday replacing a ceiling fan in a stairwell. It's remarkably more work that I was expecting, and by the end of the day, I was both exhausted and sore. Still though, I love working with my hands so it was a nice project.

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