Friday, July 18, 2014

Commander Adept Nemo

My first Cygnar warcaster! This model was very enjoyable to paint. Again I tried to focus on a racing-worn look, with utility insignias added in multiple places, especially electricity symbols and the favorite warning sign (exclamation point in a triangle). I feel like the skin and hair on this model worked out pretty well. His hairy eyebrows and mustache made for a nice framing of his face overall.

There was a bit of a problem when I finally went to mount him to the base. Specifically his staff was extended down just a bit too much. I tried to use the texture of the base to create a bit more space for it but in the end I had to have just a bit of a bend to it. Not really going to sweat that though. Details like that are good learning opportunities, but with the goal of getting a playable army on the table, I tend to focus on moving forward rather than fixing things that need non-trivial work.

I have to admit that I haven't given much thought to which caster I'll paint next. Probably Nemo2, but given that I've only played this Nemo a single time, I'm not super anxious to get more options on the table just yet. I'd love to build out his whole tier list before moving on to a second caster.


MLBN said...

This is one of the best Cygnar schemes I've seen. Very well done!

Unknown said...

men, i love your cygnar color scheme, could you please tell me what colors do you use for it?