Monday, July 14, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #55

Short round up. Last week was not as productive.

My Stormsmiths are almost done at this point. Just some touch-ups and basing left. They will round out my first 15pts of Cygnar for the 15pt reveal tournament. These were not my favorite models to paint, but they were definitely not horrible either. Just fiddly to work around and some of the sculpted details are just too small for me to really get in with a brush properly. But then again, I'm painting this army to be tabletop quality and not super pretty. I'm happy with the quality given that these 3 guys were basically just 2 evenings of painting time.

Nemo1 is all done from last week, and a couple other minor things got done. Unfortunately there's been some collateral chaos in my life that has disrupted my painting muse and it's been hard to focus. I'm hoping this comes to an end relatively soon.

My desk is now in an in-between state. I need to prime more Cygnar to keep painting on that front, so my other Beast Mistress might actually get some painting time again.

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