Sunday, December 05, 2010


I can't believe I sealed these guys a week ago and just wasn't able to get pics posted until now. Work has been a serious nightmarish black hole of my time. However I have finally carved out enough time to get this post done. It's the last of the partially-painted stuff that's been on my desk for the last couple months. I'm sort of back to a zero reset with just primed stuff.

These models weren't especially entertaining to paint. They have lots of little tiny bits of chitin all over them, and it was hard to use my normal washing techniques to speed the process. Instead I had to spend a fair amount of meticulous time painting the little details. And even then, I sort of feel like it wasn't a great paint job for the amount of time it took. However, they are done, and it lets me move on to the Ravagores next.

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