Wednesday, April 06, 2011

RtC: Lots of Painting While Sick

Countdown to KublaCon painting competition: 52 days

Well, being home sick has the advantage that I got some painting done. It's all work on the base, which I'm calling mostly done at this point, although I may go back and make some adjustments after I've started making progress on the War Hog itself.

I should note at this point that I'm inviting critiques from my readers. Obviously constructive criticism is what I'm looking for. Obviously I'm just looking for feedback about the base itself, since the War Hog is still absent.

I used a bunch of different techniques in working on this, most notably though is using dry pigments. I'm still sort of building up my comfort and familiarity with them, but this base was an obvious target for using them. For this work I actually tried out pigments from Vallejo, Secret Weapon, and MIG. For the most part they preformed pretty equivalently, although the Vallejo ones seemed to require less work to break down some of the chunks of pigment.


Mike Howell said...

I love the weathered metal and the osl on the liquid is very good.

The three wires look significantly less weathered than everything else. If the more prominent primary colors tie into the war hog then that would work well. If the war hog is going to be more gritty and weathered looking, then the wires might act as a visual distraction from the model.

I really like it so far! Bring on the pig!

David said...

I agree with Mike. Also, the green looks very bright. But it's not clear whether it's too bright until you add and paint the warhog - then you have to evaluate how the two work together, and if the base complements the warhog, or distracts from it. I've had to completely change the colors of a base after I added the mini, and you just have to be prepared for such a possibility.

Maxus said...

Have to agree with both comments, the wires might need some darkening, depending on the warhog paint job.

So get on that Warhog! *squeel*

Jurn said...

Very kewl bases, nice use of colors too! great work.