Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Anastasia di Bray

It feels great to be back into a relatively normal painting swing. Knocking out Anastasia here was quick and delightful. It's not the most interesting sculpt for sure, but I can honestly say it was pretty fun to paint. Perhaps because of my recent efforts on the War Hog. In any case, it was a big morale boost for my inner muse.

What went well:
* Small - Yep, painting a small single model was great. I felt like I could spend quality time on it and still make quick progress.
* Retries - I think I painted they eyes 3 times before I called them good enough. Each time they got better, despite her eyes being tiny. It's hard to see in the photo unfortunately (more on that below).
* Pants - Of all the parts of this model, I think the pants came out the best of all.

What could have been better:
* Photos - ARGH! These pics are terrible! I'm not entirely sure why. It's probably a lighting problem, but I'll need to experiment more. It seems that every time I have to tear down my photo set up (due to visitors) that I have trouble getting it tweaked back to normal.
* Face and eyes - After Derek's class and seeing his models up close, I'm inspired to step up my game on the face area of models. However I'm realistic about just making progress through practice and not trying to jump straight to amazing.


Heiki said...

What paints did you use for highlighting green?

Scott said...

For the greens I used the following range of colors (all P3, from highlights to shades): Moldy Ochre, Wurm Green, Ordic Olive, Cryx Bane Base. I find that using a yellowish color to highlight the greens brings that additional sense of warmth to the cloth that really helps punch it up properly.

Mike Howell said...

I know how tiny that fig is... I've been looking at it with despair on my shelf for months. Fine, fine work!