Friday, September 30, 2011

From the Desk: Lots going on

Once again my desk is a flurry of activity, although it doesn't really feel like much is getting done these days. You can see a general lay of the land here. I've got some close ups of specific things on here below, but a couple things of note that don't have close ups are the reading material on the right and Tarin di la Rivossi who has been sitting primed for multiple months now. The reading material is of special note though. The latest NQ issue (which is pretty interesting) was something I picked up yesterday with Kallus. On top of that is a book about color theory that I've been particularly enjoying.

Here we have Kallus. I picked him up just last night. He's not a particularly complex model, so I'm jumping him ahead in my paint queue. I've already started trimming and assembling him while I work on this post. His stats are pretty interesting to me since he provides a fair amount of troop support. It's something I've been hoping for in Legion for quite some time. Only time will tell if he's decent.

Now this Vlad is quite a bit off the beaten path for my blog. This just so happens to be the special Katrina Relief edition of Vlad from years ago. I'm painting him as a birthday gift for my friend Henry who (I believe) doesn't read my blog. This project is mostly done but I'm waiting for the base to be crafted by my buddy Lance. For this project I tried to match colors as closely as I could to the color scheme Henry is using for his Khador army. I'll be very happy to wrap this project up and give it to Henry for a rather late birthday gift.

Rhyas is pretty much done. She's even sealed. I just need to take proper photos of her. Unfortunately the construction in my house is still going on so I can't set up my photo setup properly. Hopefully in a few more days. I really am getting sick of this situation too. On the plus side, I'm getting that much closer to fully painted for Legion!

Here we have a shoddy picture of stuff that's in various states of assembly. The Rackham dwarf, Bethayne, and Belphagore are all in progress here. I'm having trouble getting much traction with these projects for some reason. Probably because of all the other things going on, but there's certainly the fact that the last project on my desk is...

The Hex Hunters. These are going to take me a while to get all painted. Since painting the prototype, I really haven't made any progress unfortunately.

Well, that's it for now. Once again I'm up late blogging and should be going to sleep. Perhaps this weekend will yield some progress on at least one of these projects!

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