Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Solar System: Saturn

And now the famous Saturn. Interestingly Saturn is similar in composition to Jupiter. If it wasn't for Saturn's famous rings, it would probably be quite forgotten as a result of being so similar to Jupiter. However I found that I enjoyed painting Saturn far more than Jupiter.
  • Saturn was first visited by Pioneer 11 in 1979.
  • Saturn's specific gravity is 0.7, which means it would float in water (assuming you could find a big enough pond to put it in.
  • Despite spanning a diameter of over a quarter million kilometers, the rings of Saturn are less than 1000 meters thick. Those rings are made primarily of water in ice form.
  • Always overshadowed by Jupiter, Saturn has the second most satellites, currently counting at 62.
  • Saturn's day is a mere 10.5 hours, and that rapid spin actually translates to forces that cause the planet to shape into a flattened ball (wider than it is tall).
  • One of Saturn's moons (Enceladus) has ice geysers, which has the implication of potentially being the home of some form of life.
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