Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gatorman Posse

My Gators are now more than just a prototype model! The first unit is completed. I have to say it's a little odd to finish a unit before a Warlock, but actually this is huge progress. As a group these guys look pretty cool. These 5 guys actually make up over half of my initial 15pt force so I'm well on my way now.

Crunching my way through these wasn't too rough actually except for carving out the time to actually paint. This last week has been pretty rough with work travel. I really wish there was an easy way to bring a painting kit on a plane, but I'm not going to risk doing that. So for now I'm stuck with whatever time I can squeak out at home. Now that I've got this squad done, I'm really itching to finish up Calaban and the Wrastler so I can put them on the table to try out.

So before I jot down random notes about paints I used for these, I just want to share my good/bad about these:
* As a group they look good, but individually they definitely appear speed painted.
* Using different colored ties on each staff worked out as a clear but subtle way to distinguish them.
* Creating a lot of contrast between elements (such as very dark shading around skulls) is not my normal style, but worked out pretty well.
* Adding just a touch of turquoise ink to the Liquitex was an improvement on the water effect.

Aaaannnnd that's it! I'll leave you with random semi-intelligible notes about paints used.

Skin: Same as Bull Snapper, but a couple extra random coats on individual models to differentiate them a little.
Back plates: MWH wash -> Moldy Ochre wash -> streak with thinned Umbral Umber -> streak with thinned Bloodstone -> Jack Bone wash (repeatedly)

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Ethelie said...

I like the colors on these, nice to see something different from the usual crocodile green :) makes me feel like I have to come up with something unusual for my own croc.