Friday, April 06, 2012

From the Desk: Color Resources

Two quick resources around color theory for those looking to experiment more...

Color Schemer App - I picked up this app for my iPhone and have found it to be pretty useful. One of the things I really like is snapping a picture of some random thing and then using the app to pick out particular colors. It's a good exercise actually to find something with rich color to it (a rusted pole, a bush, a pair of old jeans) and try to guess what the hues present are. Then use something like this app to snap a picture and analyze the actual colors. Building color IQ is something I have really felt a benefit from.

Speaking of color IQ, here's a color test that is pretty interesting. It takes a little time, but it gives a good sense for one's sensitivity to color variations. Definitely worth the 10 or so minutes.

And how about you? Got any interesting online color resources out there? Post a comment! I'm going to create a sidebar section on this blog to catalog color resources that I come across and I'd love your input!

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Todd G. said...

I use Adobe's Kuler webapp to do my color scheming. If you make a free account it opens more functionality.