Monday, June 25, 2012

From the Desk: Lots of Progress, Zero Completions

April 2nd. It's been 84 days since I finished a model. Talk about a dry spell! It's more than a little depressing. I'll abstain from focusing on the past any further, and instead focus on the present and future...

First item from the desk is the most significant progress being made. I'm pretty much done with the Wrastler and Calaban at this point. Just need to pour the Envirotex and then add the grass tufts. I even got a chance to play my initial 15pts of Gators over the weekend! I have to say they were a blast to play. Gators are definitely not a legit faction, but they are pretty amusing to play. I'm really stoked to keep working on more of them as well, which leads me to...

This is a quick travel assembly kit that I've assembled. I wanted to have the ability to easily bring my assembly projects with me for those times when I will have some downtime. I even managed to use it last night while playing Torg with a bunch of friends. The bamboo roller has sculpting tools and micro files in it. In addition there's glue, cutters, drill, brass rod, knives, Vallejo putty (basically their version of liquid green stuff, but white), and of course the models that I'm working on. The kit includes everything I need except for green stuff (which needs to be added somehow).

As you can see from the kit, it's full of gators. Wrong Eye, Snapjaw, a Boneswarm, Maelok, Barnabus, a Bull Snapper, and an Ironback Spitter. The first 3 in that list are the ones next up on the painting table once I wrap up Calaban and the Wrastler.

And one last update. I started painting the 2010 Skarre alt sculpt. It's really a beautiful model and I'm planning to take my time on this one. It will be the model I OCD on while working on the rest of the gators. I've done the initial passes on the skin, and now I'm just starting to block in colors to get a rough gauge of the composition and contrast balance. I'll post this one every so often to show status. It may end up as a competition piece eventually.

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