Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Battle Report: Syntherion vs Kallus

Super fast battle report. I actually made it out to my LGS for a game, for the first time in many months. My list: Kallus, Ravagore, Seraph, Succubus, Beast Mistress, 2 Shredders, Stinger, Fyanna the Lash, Hex Hunters (10+UA), Legionnaires (10+UA), Shepherd

My opponent had a tier 4 Syntherion list: Syntherion, Corollary, Prime Axiom, Cipher, Mitigator, Diffuser, Galvanizer, Inverter, Modulator, Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex, Accretion Servitors, Optifex Directive (3)

I expected to get steamrollered by the large number of jacks and a distinct lack of hitting power on my side, but as the game moved on, I managed to keep attack pressure on and work things down. In the end, Syntherion moved up close to take a well placed shot at Kallus, but it wasn't enough to kill him. At that point I was able to break loose my Seraph and lay a bunch of damage on a focus-empty Syntherion and finish the game.

Some interesting notes from the battle:
  • Fyanna is pretty sweet for throwing small based models around, but she's not really very damage effective. More valuable for taking out key solos than anything else.
  • The Beast Mistress can lay out some serious hurt when she gets her flanking bonus. Even at dice minus 11 vs the Axiom, she was putting good damage on it from the side since she was rolling 4 dice for damage.
  • I continue to love Hex Hunters, and having Ignite on them made them feel like a real melee unit.
  • Dark Guidance is sort of a trap for Kallus. It's a lot of fury to spend and precludes bouncing Ignite back and forth between 2 units.
  • The Succubus can cast a friendly animus of beasts that are not a part of her battlegroup. This was handy a couple times when I was able to keep a Shredder nearby, even though the Shredders were part of the Beast Mistress' group.

    I'm even more jazzed to paint now, but ironically for painting my Cygnar. Despite how much I love playing Legion, I just can't help but want to scratch the new itch.
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